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Steve Scott, District Superintendent

Born in Sacramento, raised in Orange County/Southern California from 2nd grade through college graduation.

Steve’s dad is a retired ordained elder, and mom was his dad’s administrative assistant in everything. Steve has one sister who is an ordained deacon.  His wife Debbie is a public school teacher and they have been married since 1985. They have two adult sons who live in Stockton, where they have lived since 1992.

Steve felt that his calling very early in life was to discover everything he could through trusting God with his whole heart and mind, and to follow Gods leadership for every path of life.  Steve has served in various full time ministries, including local church youth, college campus residential life, college admissions/student recruitment, local church pastorate, and as a district superintendent since 2006.

As a district superintendent his primary responsibilities include the calling of local church pastors to new assignments, conducting local church-pastoral reviews, chairing the ministerial credentials process for ordination candidates, chairing the district advisory board as the biblical council for local churches, and serving as confidant and life resource for pastoral leaders throughout the Sacramento District.



“Being a son, a brother, a husband, a dad, and a friend is a blessing and an honor. I enjoy traveling with my wife Debbie for rest & recreation, exploring antique stores & unique coffee houses, live music of all kinds, the coast, the forests, and the canine companionship of our family Rottweiler, Sir DUKE of Griffin Point”.


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Mike Havens, District Administrator/Treasurer

Mike grew up in Whittier, CA as a fourth generation Nazarene and feels privileged to grow up in a Christian home and be fully engaged in the local Nazarene Church.

Mike felt the call to full time ministry during his time as a student at Point Loma Nazarene University.  After more than 30 years in ministry as Worship Leader in the local Church, God opened the door to serve the Sacramento District.

Mike serves on the district team as District Administrator and Treasurer.



“God has protected and provided for our family over all these years.  Through the good, not so good, but always through victoriously.  All the glory goes to God for who He is, how He leads and how he has used me for His Church and His Kingdom!”


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Kaitlin Peoples, District Executive Assistant

Kaitlin serves as the Executive Assistant to the District Superintendent and District Administrator/Treasurer where she is able to daily put her organizational skills to work.

Kaitlin was born and raised in Newcastle, Ca.  She married her college sweetheart in 1997. She and Michael Peoples met their freshman year at Point Loma Nazarene University. They have 2 daughters in high school and a son in jr. high. She has 5 siblings who are all married with children and live locally so family gatherings are large, loud and awesome!

Having served 17 years alongside Mike in youth ministry and leading a church, she is now finding her space in one-on-one interactions and intentional conversations about raising kids and serving Jesus in new ways.



“I am rediscovering what it means to be called by Jesus. I’m embracing my Top 5 Strengths: Discipline, Harmony, Achiever, Intellection and Belief.   Some of my favorite things include hiking, gardening, bee keeping and baking”.


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Jessica Natalie Moreno, District Administrative Assistant & District Condo Manager.

Jessica was born and raised in Los Angeles, Hollywood, California.  She is an overcomer in many ways and has quite a testimony of what it is like to be lost in this painful world without walking with God, yet overcoming much, finding the Lord and being able to claim victory in her new life in Christ since her early twenties when she was born again.  She lived in Southern California until 30 years old when she married the love of her life and partner in ministry Micah Moreno, who serves as Senior Lead Pastor at Southport Church in West Sacramento.  From the time of childhood, Jessica was always drawn to The Arts, specifically in acting and singing.  Later when she found The Lord, she discovered the purpose for her gift of music, that her calling and most fulfilling way to serve Gods Kingdom is through worship.  She currently serves as Worship Leader of Southport Church in West Sacramento where she and her husband both serve together.



As District Administrative Assistant she plays a role in all major district events, helping coordinate, plan, create content, publications and logistics and is assistant to our DS and District Office Team.  Jessica manages our District Condo in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe.  She is also involved in website management and social media management for the District and also serves in Pastoral Care under the guidance of District Superintendent.  She assists in many various areas of all that’s produced from the District Office.


“You can take the girl out of SoCal, but you can’t take SoCal out of the girl, lol…  I am a sinner saved by Grace Alone.  Jesus is my all, my best friend, my first love and last love, my every good thing.  As long as there is breath in my lungs and a heartbeat in my chest I will always worship The Lord and seek to become more and more like him as he continues to increase within me as I decrease.” ~ J Moreno


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