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LIFELINE GRANT: Proposal Guidelines

The Mission/Purpose of LIFELINE: The Sacramento District Church of the Nazarene encourages the creation of new ministries and churches that will focus on the mission of the Church to unite lost people with God’s love, and to make Christ like disciples in their communities.

The timeline for LIFELINE grants may be for 1) a new church (2-3 years); 2) a Restart/Refocus of an existing church (1-2 years); or 3) a special ongoing missional project (6 months-1 year).

A. The required steps for developing a LIFELINE Grant proposal:

  1. Create an Action Plan with a mission, community vision, and timeline from start to launch date
    • identify a specific name to be connected to the proposal
  2. Engage in extensive, intentional prayer sessions with leaders & community members
  3. Create a Core Leadership Team of gifted, united, visionary leaders
    • establish accountability within the proposed ministry
    • identify the church/churches who will sponsor, nurture the proposal
  4. Develop financial resources (regular local giving; capital campaign; district grant proposal) * How have you taught financial stewardship in the past two years in your church?
  5. Establish an ongoing relationship with an approved “coach” for development of the proposal
  6. Conduct a community survey in order to affirm and adapt the Action Plan
  7. Present the Action Plan to the District Advisory Board for APPROVAL of grant consideration
    • complete a professional assessment of pastoral leadership to confirm spiritual gifts/abilities either through NewStart/Church of the Nazarene (, or New Church Specialties (
    • participate in recommended professional training of the pastoral and Core Leadership Team.
  8. Establish ministries that will enable the engagement of the Action Plan
  9. Equip and empower the Core Leadership Team to activate the Action Plan
  10. Launch the new church/ministry through extensive community advertisement/marketing

B. The presentation of the Action Plan to the District Advisory Board must include a:

  1. Written/visual presentation of the official Action Plan, including the completion of a LIFELINE Grant Application. (District financial assistance requires an APPROVED Action Plan
  2. Detailed explanation of how any approved LIFELINE Grant funds will be used


» Please contact District Superintendent Steve Scott  , to request an application.