Sacramento District

Ministerial Studies & Credentials Information

A required event for all Local & District Licensed Ministers on the Sacramento District.

Choose ONE day to attend.


THE CHECKLIST: All items due January 18, 2019


*Submit forms to: – Kaitlin Peoples

*Transcripts sent to: Rev. Dan Hopkins,, 209-985-6064

*Interviews When ALL of the above items have been submitted, you will be scheduled for a district license interview. Please notify District Secretary, Rev. Eldon Nice ( ) immediately if you have any desired schedule requests. Due to various issues, please allow for a potentially longer period than just your scheduled time. Interviews are scheduled for up to 60 minutes each, Mon.-Tues., 9am-5pm; and Wed., 9am-3pm; Feb. 18-20, 2019.

*General questions, please contact Rev. Steve Scott, D.S.,, 916-652-1193