Sacramento District

Ministerial Studies & Credentials


THE CHECKLIST: All paperwork is due January 18, 2019

**links will go live on December 6, 2018**


*Paperwork submitted to: – Kaitlin Peoples

*Transcripts sent to: Rev. Dan Hopkins,, 209-985-6064

*Interviews will be scheduled once all paperwork is submitted. You will be contacted by District Secretary, Rev. Eldon Nice,  Let Eldon know immediately if you have any desired schedule requests.  Due to various issues, please allow for a potentially longer period than just your scheduled time.  Interviews are scheduled for up to 60 minutes each, Mon.-Tues., 9am-5pm and Wed., 9am-3pm; Feb. 18-20, 2019

*General questions, please contact Rev. Steve Scott, D.S.,, 916-652-1193


Sacramento District Institute of Ministry (SDIM)

Sacramento District Institute of Ministry (SDIM) offers the minimum courses necessary for ministerial training and eventual ordination.

SDIM can be used for as a student’s course work, or as a supplement to other educational institutions. Many of the courses would also be beneficial to laypersons interested in enhancing their biblical knowledge and understanding. Our courses are offered on the quarterly basis, beginning the first part of September, December, March and June. Classes typically meet one night per week for ten weeks. We offer classes in various locations.

For more information and/or registration, contact:
Dr. Leon D. Skinner, Director, SDIM

130 Soaring Hawk Ln, Sacramento, CA 95833
email; 916-346-8892